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  • What time do I need to arrive?
    It's always a good idea to be early and prepared for adventures, we advise 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Your guide will start the safety briefing once all guests have checked in or at the scheduled time. If any guest misses the safety briefing, they will be considered a no-show for the tour.
  • Where can I park my car?
    Hadley Point Boat Landing has public parking at the end of Hadley Point Road. This is where we will meet for the tour!
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Generally, you will need: Synthetic Quick Dry material ( No jeans or cotton shirts, you will get slightly wet sea kayaking) Sensible footwear for walking on Maine's rocky shore. (Chacos, Keens, Flipflops, or old tennis shoes you don't mind getting wet are perfect.) Water Bottle & Snacks Sun wear (Sunglasses / Hat / Sunscreen) Fleece jacket (If you get cold easy or great for after the tour.) Camera Rain Jacket (Forecast dependent)
  • What facilities are at Hadley Point Beach?
    Hadley Point Beach is a public beach with free parking and a public bathroom.
  • What happens if we encounter bad weather?
    Weather is unpredictable at times in Maine. Coastal Maine often receives fog and scattered showers. These are part of the charm of Downeast Maine. Bad Weather is described as Thunderstorms or sustaining high winds. Listed on the Acadia Sea Kayaking Adventures Policy Page are the exact details of the cancellations. If Acadia Sea Kaing Adventures cancels a tour due to weather, you will be rebooked at your convenience or will receive a full refund.
  • What if I want to pay with cash?
    Unfortunately, we do all bookings through the website only. This speeds up check-in, allowing you to get the most time out on the water.
  • Will we see any wildlife?
    Wildlife is never a guarantee, but it is highly likely you would some of Maine's abundant wildlife while on tour. Some wildlife you could see while on tour are: Bald Eagle, Ospreys, Harbor Seals, and Harbor Porpoises. Wildlife sightings are one of the many reasons we go Kayaking! Getting close to nature in a noninvasive way is part of the passion.
  • What happens if the kayak capsized?
    While on tours you will be paddling a tandem 18-foot-long kayak. These Kayaks are chosen because of their stability for those new to kayaking and to handle Maine's coastal Waters. it is possible but unlikely on any given tour. Guides will instruct you on the correct paddle technique to minimize this risk. If you suddenly find yourself upside down in your Kayak, Don't Panic. The PFD will aid you to the surface next to your boat. Hold on to your boat; your guide will be with you and have you back in your boat in a few moments.
  • Can anyone come on an Acadia Sea Kayaking Adventure tour?
    Kayaking is a great sport for all ages and skill levels. There are no restrictions to guests participating in a tour provided you can kayak under your power, adhere to Acadia Sea Kayaking Adventures policies, and physically fit into the cockpit of the Kayak. As a general rule of thumb, those over 6'2" / X cm may find operating a rudder in the back cockpit uncomfortable. The front cockpit has more legroom. We use Wilderness System Polaris Tandem Kayaks. Wilderness systems list the internal cockpit size as COCKPIT LENGTH: 36" / 91 CM COCKPIT WIDTH: 21" / 52 CM MAX CAPACITY: 550 LBS. / 249 KG
  • Is my child a Young Paddler?
    Young Paddlers are defined by Acadia Adventures as Children ages 8- 16, 56″, or 143 cm min-height. Young Paddlers are still expected to aid in powering the Kayak with an adult partner. Please have 1 young paddler to 1 adult in your party. If you have more children than adult paddlers please call 207-808-2380 and look at booking a private tour.
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